MailChimp said stop to digital assets

MailChimp is the world leader in email marketing. The company has decided to close down all accounts related to digital assets, without limiting the ICO.

A decision controversy

The decision taken by MailChimp is not that happy, quite the contrary. But it is unfortunately a reality that will have to adapt. By April 30, next, the accounts associated with products and services related to crypto-currencies will be closed. This initiative does not concern only the advertisements related to ICO, but also the accounts associated to other news sites or guides.

Logo MailChimp / The software of sending of marketing emails has decided to take measures to protect internet users.

The decision was justified in an email by MailChimp. This last has been sent to the clients of the company. The company says that the email marketing campaigns related to crypto-currencies are often associated with scams, fraud, phishing, or deceptive trade practices, and that it is necessary to put an end to it.

A choice justified

Of course, the big companies grind their teeth, believing simply that MailChimp does not like the technology BlockChain. However, the company says that the technology holds tremendous potential, but that it is necessary to protect customers and users against these digital assets.

So @MailChimp is closing the Week In Ethereum account in four weeks because they hate blockchains.

Centralized capricious power is exactly why we need blockchains

— Evan Van Ness (@evan_van_ness) March 29, 2018

The decision to MailChimp, and is therefore following the decisions of the major Web giants to ban the advertisements related to crypto-currencies, such as Facebook, Google or Twitter more recently. However, the choice of MailChimp is the most restrictive of all, because it focuses on all of the accounts associated with the crypto-currencies. A decision that should have negative impacts on the course virtual currencies…

Source : CoinDesk