Marvel and the Simpsons are based crypto-currencies

The crypto-currency have taken a new step. As the days go by and the more we observe the development of various products related to digital currency. The studio Marvel, which has just released the new Comics the Hunt for Wolverine, has introduced the crypto-currencies in this COMIC. It is the same for the mobile game dubbed the Simpsons : Tapped Out.

Below is a video showing this game to mobile :

The Simpsons want to make cool the crypto-currency

The mobile games have been the rage for years. Among the so-called games of freemium, The Simpsons : Tapped Out is a title very popular in the genre. In the universe of the game, Who Shot Mr. Burns is what is considered the 3rd biggest event of the year. It comes after the event Springfield Jobs 2018 which ends in a few days.

Source : Pixabay. The mobile game the Simpsons : Tapped Out celebrates the crypto-currencies.

In this game developed by EA Mobile, you can discover all the Simpson family. Homer does not take his job seriously, playing games on his tablet instead of working. Players must keep the character nerdy. Martin is in the process of talking about the technology Blockchain, mentioning it a dozen times, without ever explaining exactly what he is talking about. At a key moment in the game, Martin admits that he has heard of this technology last week. This game is available on Kindle Fire, Android, and iOS.

Marvel Comics, a new COMIC dedicated to crypto-currencies

Written by Tom Taylor and drawn by RB Silva, Hunt for Wolverine Marvel tells the story of how Wolverine saved New York in the face of a bombardment. Other Marvel superheroes like Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, Spiderman, and Iron Man join the adventure.

In this new comic, we discover the use of Bitcoin. In fact, the Hunt for Wolverine assumes that this crypto-currency is a universal system of distribution of energy often used by the robots. Tony Stark is obliged to make payments in crypto-currencies.

Source : NewsBitcoin

  • Christiano Liliam

    Rather interesting. Crypto investor this cartoon and mobile games made in honour of the cryptomonnaies is evidence that the market for virtual currencies resumed strongly and his shot. Congratulations to Marvel and the Simpsons for these ideas to greater value on the digital currency.