Mining of crypto-currencies : the japanese giant of e-commerce DMM between in the dance

The regulatory changes concerning recent legalization of bitcoin as a method of payment in Japan, combined with a surge in popularity of crypto-currencies, led the multinational e-commerce DMM announced its foray into the mining of crypto-currencies, mainly bitcoins.

A farm of mining crypto-currencies on a large scale

In its announcement, the DMM of Tokyo has revealed the details of his business, from mining of bitcoins with the launch of its ” Division of virtual currency “. She will be responsible for overseeing the operations of the platform, blasting DMM which will begin in October. According to MDA, the “MDA Mining Farm” will be the first platform to mine large-scale ” made in Japan “. Its size of operation will largely exceed that of operators of domestic. Thus, according to the forecasts, DMM will become one of the 10 largest farms in this mine in the world.

DMM goes to the top speed

While MDA has not disclosed the details of the capacity of mine expected, the type of material used or the production of crypto-currencies desired, the conglomerate japanese aims to rank ” among the top three companies in the world of mining in terms of scale. “DMM insists on the emphasis that will be placed on the bitcoin and ethereum, which, according to the company, are” the two virtual currencies in the next generation. “In addition, MDA is also developing a system of mining based on the Cloud. It will be open to the general public. In fact, the “DMM Cloud Mining” will be directly operated by the “Division of the virtual currency” DMM.

Founded in 1999, MDA is perhaps most known around the world for its subsidiary, Securities. It is the second biggest Forex company in the world, if one takes into account the volume of transactions.