Moldova : launch of a new platform for the exchange of crypto-currency

The crypto-currencies are gaining in popularity in Moldova, a former soviet republic economically and politically located at a crossroads between the East and the West. The community crypto local has recently announced developments reflecting this trend. This is the launch of a new platform for exchanges and a new digital currency. Both are labeled ” Made in Moldova “. Add to that a permission of indirect central bank of the country.

If you missed the announcement, here are the details in English :

A platform for the exchange of crypto-currency offering 10 digital currency

Drachmae Market is going to market 10 virtual currency, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, the Bitcoin Cash as well as some crypto-currency moldovan as the Swozzle and the DTMI. The trading platform also supports transactions from eight fiat currencies, the moldovan leu, the ruble, the dollar and the euro. Drachmae Market, created with the help of the local Association of digital technology and distributed (DTMA), would be the first company to trade crypto-currencies in the country.

Source : Pixabay. Moldova is developing more and more on the market of crypto-currencies.

DTMA has been created at the beginning of this year to facilitate the implementation of the technologies of accounting is distributed in the economy of the country. She also works in close collaboration with the authorities and the regulators from moldova on a project to create a technology area special tax relief. A similar project has been successfully implemented in another former soviet republic, Belarus.

The central bank softens its position

Last fall, the country’s central bank issued a statement to clarify its position. It has warned that crypto-currencies are not issued or guaranteed by a central bank or a government agency. The central bank has, however, recognized that the crypto-currencies are an alternative to the money trust.

The use of digital currencies is not regulated in Moldova. The financial authority has listed a number of risks to which users are exposed. However, crypto-currencies are becoming increasingly popular with investors.

Source : NewsBitcoin