Monaco is working with Gemalto to create a card electronic bank accepting the trade of crypto-currencies

Monaco is a company that specializes in online payments and exchanges of crypto-currencies. The company has announced that it will collaborate with Gemalto to create an innovative menu. Among the cards offered by this company include the card Visa Platinum. These cards, coupled with technology Monaco, offer rate interbank exchange interesting and allow you to pay for purchases via crypto-currencies.

In the world of financial services, these cards often mean high-end products offered to wealthy clients. Kris Marszalek, co-founder and CEO of Monaco, said that by partnering with Gemalto, they will be able to propose a product that is very functional and that users can exploit. They will also act as business cards.


The innovations are real levers for the development of enterprises

The vice-president of Banking and Payment Asia, Gemalto, Michael, said that financial institutions around the world are increasingly investing in the innovations of cards to promote their services. The portfolio of cards Monaco will card plastic Visa classic Midnight Blue card Visa Edition Platinum limited edition, beautifully made of composite metal, available in Ruby Steel, Rose-Gold, Space Grey and Obsidian Black.

The cards are equipped with a security system, allowing their holders to use them in peace. In addition, they may conduct transactions in the world.

A major step forward for the world of crypto-currencies

This collaboration is going to democratize the crypto-currencies. Indeed, by integrating this technology in payment cards, we can expect to soon see these products develop. The current users will provide an innovative solution that enables them to make their purchases through these cards.

Created in June 2016, Monaco has raised $ 26.7 million thanks to an ICO in history. This company promotes the exchange of digital currencies and online payments.

Source : PRNewsWire