Monster is considering a fund raising of $ 300 million by offering tokens

The company Monster Products Inc. was famous for its headphones Beats. In the Face of increasingly stiff competition, it has decided to launch a new project offering an Initial Corner Offering very soon. And you’ll see that the company is no shortage of ideas to try to make the difference.

An incredible fund-raising

Monster announced on may 25 in an official document consider a fund raising of $ 300 million by offering tokens. These are called logically enough Monster Money, and the abbreviation will be MMNY. The company is experiencing serious financial difficulties in recent times and relies on this funding to develop its e-commerce platform. We must admit that the competition is fierce with a giant like Amazon.

Twitter – Monster / The company is in big trouble since 2012, and wants to find a solution to get out of this predicament.

This platform is expected to be a little different, and Monster is planning to market some partner products that will be obtained against the crypto-currency Monster Money, either as a cash money classic.

A beautiful ambition

The development will be done in several steps. The platform will thus consist of several payment systems, which will allow to transfer tokens to MMNY. The company Monster wish, therefore, to deploy a network supported technology on the Blockchain : “We are convinced that innovation Blockchain will bring advanced disruptive to our business systems and e-commerce business. “

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— Monster (@MonsterProducts) March 24, 2018

It is without doubt the latest attempt to turnaround for the Monster. The company is facing a catastrophic financial situation for several years. Since Monster and Beats Electronics were separated in 2012, the company has struggled to recover. But it does not lack ambition, as one can read in the official document the following : “We believe that Amazon, eBay and Alibaba will be part of the main competitors of our new Monster Money Network. “

If this fundraiser is successful, then maybe the Monster will get out of this bad situation and can consider the future in a better day.

Source : NCC