More than 1 000 decentralized applications have been deployed on the network Ethereum in a year

The analysis company Altehio just released a study particularly interesting, in which we learn that, since the beginning of the year 2017, a little over 1,000 decentralized applications, called DApps, have been deployed on the network Ethereum. Which is considerable !

A analysis exciting

The information has been officially shared by a man who answers to the name of Christian Crowley. This last is currently developing a platform for real-time analysis of the network Ethereum. However, according to this platform, this is very exactly 1 090 decentralized applications that have been deployed on the network Ethereum in a little over a year. And this number significantly increases every day, as many applications are currently in development.

Pixabay – Someone Makes Day / 1 090 decentralized applications have been deployed on the network Ethereum in a year.

Thus, the network Ethereum has a bright future ahead of him and that he is appreciated by the developers. In fact, you should know that this network enables the design of applications operating alone, that is to say without the involvement of an intermediary. Unfortunately, all of these applications do not meet the expected success.

A success

In fact, we learn also through this comprehensive analysis that, amongst this incredible number of decentralized applications deployed on the network Ethereum, only two of over 1,000 users per day. It is IDEX and ForkDelta. These all offer the opportunity for users to exchange tokens without placing their funds on the portfolio of another company.

Pixabay – WorldSpectrum / The number of applications increases every day.

The other applications are not widely used, at least for the moment. But this tends to change and develop. All the more that the number of applications increases every day, which diversifies the supply and demand.

The network Ethereum won so a nice success with developers, but not yet to the general public. Situation which should, according to Christian Crowley, evolve rapidly by the end of the year. To follow so !

Source : NCC