More than 66 % of the funding is to limit the risks related to the IA originate from donors crypto

You’ve ever wondered if there is a risk that the contracts intelligent become more intelligent than you ? Or that a BlockChain to become an intelligence stand-alone capable of forcing the human to bend to his will ? Or maybe an AI reuse it, simply all of the molecules present on Earth to produce paper clips ? Well, you have no worry to have (or almost), because the community crypto is here to answer all of these questions.

Please find below a video in English explaining these facts :

A research institute in artificial intelligence

The Machine Intelligence Research Institute, a non-profit organization that is studying the security issues related to the development of artificial intelligence, has recently published a report showing a strong support of the community of crypto-currencies. Its annual fundraiser of 2017 has raised a little over $ 2.5 million, which more than doubled in just one year. And 66 % of the funds obtained in the course of this collection, approximately 1.66 million, took the form of digital currencies, mostly Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Source : Pixabay. Donations in crypto-currencies to support an institute aimed at limiting the risks associated with the IA.

In fact, the most important donation came at the very end of the collection. It is Vitalik Buterin, inventor of Ethereum, which has offered the largest donation, worth 763 $ 970. The gift of Vitalik represents the third contribution was the largest received by the institute of research to this day.

Donors crypto will save the future

Founded in 2000, this institute works for the survival and freedom of the human race in the face of the development of super-smart machine. The relationship between the currencies of traditional and new technologies financial shows a brighter future for all.

If you also want to participate in a charity futuristic, but that you don’t want to make crypto-currencies, Unicef has recently launched a new initiative that leverages GPU technology to create a new form of philanthropy.

Source : NewsBitcoin