More than a million people are currently registered for courses on-line cryptography

Ari Levy, reporter senior technical on CNBC, discusses how the crypto-currency is the most popular in the world, the Bitcoin, with the number of users continues to grow, now seems to have opened a new educational space.

The course of cryptography are becoming more and more popular

Professor Dan Boneh of the laboratory of computer security of Stanford university spoke about the attraction of students for his course in cryptography. He explained that this popularity is due to the increasing value of these new currencies, particularly in regards to the Bitcoin. “The advent of crypto-currencies means that there are a whole bunch of new applications for cryptography that didn’t exist before,” added the Pprofesseur Boneh. The access to the cryptography through the Bitcoin has sparked a renewed interest in the language of mathematics. Moreover, the Professor Boneh stated that over one million people registered for a course on cryptography online.


Encourage young people to innovation

Professor Goyal and professor Levy, who collaborated in the research projects of the group CMU Crypto, they also explained how the increasing of the value of the crypto-currencies have encouraged students to attempt similar projects. Actually, it is enough to see how the Bitcoin has managed today to surpass the $ 6000. According to them, with such a price explosion, it is inevitable that students leave the academic world formal. Professor Goyal noted that if the students want to start their own crypto-currency, and that if people are interested, they will be automatically funded by the value of what they have created.

Source : News.Bitcoin