More than half of Russians now know the Bitcoin

A new survey has revealed that more than half of Russians know the Bitcoin. Young people living in large cities are much more concerned with this technology. Three-quarters of Muscovites feel informed about the largest crypto-currency in the world. On social media, the Bitcoin is the term that is most popular. The government’s strategy seems to have borne fruit. Its aim was to raise awareness about the digital currency, and Bitcoin in particular.

Below, is a video which perfectly illustrates this poll :

Young people have more knowledge about the Bitcoin

In one year, with the development of Bitcoin, a lot more Russians have become aware of the importance of the first crypto-currency. 56 % of them now say they are familiar with this virtual currency, according to a recent survey conducted by VCIOM, a all-russia center for the study of public opinion. The number of respondents well-informed amounted to 66 % of active internet users. Raising the awareness of young Russians has reached 75 % (between 18 and 24 years of age) and 71 % of men know the Bitcoin. 74 % of the inhabitants of the capital, Moscow, and the second largest city of St. Petersburg have already taken notice of the crypto-currency.

Moreover, only 34 % are aware that anyone can obtain, and 16 % think that Bitcoin is still prohibited in Russia. However, more than a quarter knows that crypto-currencies are not only exchanged, but can also be extracted. 44 % of Russians are aware that the sector is not yet legalized in the country.

Source : mohamed Hassan, Pixabay. The knowledge of Bitcoin by the Russians.

Better known as a means of payment

Although often described as a financial asset, 40 % of the study participants know they can use the Bitcoin to purchase goods and services. Nearly 36% of respondents think that it is difficult to steal the digital currency. The sceptics, who think it is easy, make up 33% of the participants.

The Bitcoin is not considered as an investment opportunity in Russia, reveals the study. Two-thirds of the people who know, or 67 %, consider that the expenditure of rubles for Bitcoin is not profitable.

Source : NewsBitcoin