Nabilla gives advice on Bitcoin…

Nabilla decided to embark on a dangerous game by doing publicity for the Bitcoin on social networks. For about three minutes, the star of the reality tv show promotes a trading company andorran… The young woman has made the buzz, but the financial markets Authority (AMF) has reacted strongly following the release of his video.

Effect buzz impressive

The site TraderLeBitCoin seems to have chosen the right spokesperson. In fact, they have appealed to the star of reality tv Nabilla. The latter has played the game by posting a video on social networks, titled ” Bitcoin : if the same Nabilla en parle “. In this video, extracted from the account Snapchat of the young woman, she sang the praises of the crypto-currency Bitcoin. In reality, it is the promotion of the site TraderLeBitcoin that allows you to learn how to use Bitcoin :

“It’s a bit of the new currency, type the currency of the future, and so in fact I think it is pretty good. “

According to the young woman, it is a secure site, and there is nothing to lose, just to win ! It invites its fans to send a message on the page Facebook of TraderLeBitcoin and give the code “Nabilla” to obtain information free of charge :

“They have over 85 % success rate, so basically they don’t make mistakes what. It is really safe, this is really cool… So if you’re interested you can go there with closed eyes. “

It is forbidden to advertise for an investment product, but this regulation does not apply to crypto-currencies. And it is for this reason that the site did not hesitate to appeal to Nabilla to make the buzz ! The operation was successful.

Advertising dangerous…

The trading company is based in Andorra. The purpose of Nabilla is to sell subscriptions to individuals. This is to motivate that the star of reality tv says there is no risk. She cites her own example, saying that it has invested eur 1 000 and already won 800 euros :

“After that, the Bitcoin – in fact – it’s like an investment because it is money that we can still recover, because it is virtual money. “

However, the financial markets Authority (AMF) has used Twitter to warn the individuals as a result of the release of the video of Nabilla. In fact, she recalled that the investment in Bitcoin can be dangerous. They have also advised quite coldly to a novice like Nabilla not advise individuals about these topics…

#Nabilla #Bitcoin is very risky ! One can lose his entire bet. No investment miracle. Stay away.

— AMF (@AMF_actu) January 9, 2018

If even Nabilla comes… Attention, financial investment in the Bitcoin is not a certainty, contrary to what the young woman seems to believe !