Nasdaq plans to launch an investment solution based on crypto-currencies

The Nasdaq would seek to get in on the action of Wall Street for the exchange of Bitcoin. According to the Wall Street Journal, the Nasdaq, the second largest stock exchange in the world by its market capitalization, plans to launch futures contracts Bitcoins in the first half of 2018. The contract Bitcoin group will begin on Nasdaq Futures, or NFX, a market that the exchange group based in New York has deployed in 2015 and who, until now, focused mainly on the energy trade.

This offer is against Nasdaq to two competitors, CME Group Inc and CBOE Global Markets Inc. they have already announced their intention to offer altcoins. Nasdaq is a newcomer in this market. More and more investors are interested in Bitcoin. Even the non-initiated to engage in this market. Fortunately, thanks to books such as ” 10 ways to earn money with Bitcoin “, they will have the knowledge necessary to effectively run.

Greater players will be present on this market

Among the four main operators u.s. equity, only Intercontinental Exchange Inc, does not intend to propose such a solution. The amount of data that it uses to evaluate contracts of crypto-currencies is one of the ways in which Nasdaq seeks to differentiate itself from the competition.

Check out below the details of this project :

VanEck Associates Corp will provide the data used to establish the price of the contracts. Nasdaq will, therefore, have the opportunity to attract a greater number of investors.

The regulation of Bitcoin ?

The Bitcoin is currently trading on markets which are virtually unregulated. The Nasdaq, the CME and the CBOE are heavily regulated, which confers a legitimacy that can help professional investors to engage in the adventure in serenity.

The critics are less numerous, after the considerable rise in the price of Bitcoin. Adam White, director-general of GDAX, a company of trade of crypto-currencies held by Coinbase, said that it is a fine example of the growing interest in this new asset class.

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Source : Bloomberg