Nepal continued its crackdown, and two other offenders have been arrested

While the exchange of Bitcoins and information are prized in other parts of the globe, in Nepal, people who use the crypto-currency is the most popular in the world are persecuted. After being thrown in jail, there is little time, a dozen of users of Bitcoin, the government is once again arresting two other people, pushing more and more the Bitcoin in the underground.


The Nepal punish severely offences related to Bitcoin

In other part of the world, where innovation is relatively more free to flourish, names like Ram Dhakal and Purusittam Dar Tuladar could be stars well-known on the convention circuit. In fact, these are the barons of the gas is highly coveted for their commercial efforts. In Nepal, these names are linked to a scandal involving an offence related to the Bitcoin. The central Bureau of investigation (CIB) of the police of Nepal has arrested two persons for allegedly operated a racketeering of Bitcoin. Jeevan Shrestha, spokesperson of the IPC, said that the two businessmen would undertake a racket of crypto-currency under the name of ” Bitsewa Pvt Ltd “.


The nepalese authorities are in reference to the Nepal Rastra Bank Act “

The nepalese authorities say : “We have received the registration of a company in the name of Bitsewa Pvt Ltd under the pretext of managing the affairs of online technology, information dissemination and software development. “They also open a field with the slogan :” Bitsewa : the first company Bitcoin Nepal and the first market of digital assets. The nepalese authorities add that ” although this is legal in certain countries, the trade of Bitcoin is an offence under the Nepal Rastra Bank Act. It is a document of 49 pages, published in 2002, updated in 2006, which makes no mention either of crypto-currencies, neither of Bitcoin. However, it is not known what part of this law the two businessmen accused raped her.

Source : News.Bitcoin