New York university plans to launch courses on crypto-currencies

The incredible rally of the Bitcoin this year has attracted the interest of many institutional investors. They are increasingly attracted by the potential of this crypto-currency, which continues to break records since the beginning of the year. Users have long awaited the opening of a school to deepen their knowledge in the field.

They want to learn everything they can about this phenomenon. An academic institution which attempts to meet these needs is the New York University (NYU).

New York University, Wikimedia Commons

Bitcoin 101 at New York University

The Stern School of Business NYU was the first major academic institution in the u.s. to provide training on the crypto-currency to its students in 2014. Today, the school plans to offer a new option for undergraduate students, ” says David Yemack, a professor at the university of New York, the Financial Times. This new course is likely to be very popular with undergraduate students of NYU.

At the very beginning, the course had only a few dozen students. This year, it hosted a hundred. Many other candidates have also asked to follow this training. The next year, the NYU intends to receive nearly 300 students. The professor said expect more than 350 students in 2018.

What will be the challenges that NYU will face ?

Universities wishing to offer a course on Bitcoin, the Blockchain and on the technologies related to crypto-currencies, are facing two problems at this time. First of all, as all of them who follow the news may tell you, the market is moving at an incredible speed. Thus, it is difficult to provide a manual appropriate to meet the needs of the moment.


Second, the sector suffers from a significant shortage of talent. On a market overflowing with new projects, the actors must adapt to the situation and find solutions for themselves to develop.

Source : NewsBitcoin