No crypto-currency at Starbucks… at least for the moment !

It was during a conference call concerning the results of the company that Howard Schultz, the CEO of Starbucks, addressed the delicate issue of the crypto-currency. There may well be tempted in a few years it seems, but not before !

No crypto-currency at Starbucks

Howard Schultz did not hide his enthusiasm for the technology BlockChain. However, he admits to not being interested in Bitcoin. This is not a currency legitimate : “I do not believe that Bitcoin may become a currency, whether today or in the years to come “

Pixabay – Engin_Akyurt

However, he admits that the digital currency could well represent the future of payments for consumers. So, when she will be accompanied by trust and legitimacy,Starbucks may accept payment in crypto-currency. But not right away ! And most importantly, there is no question that Starbucks creates its own crypto-currency. However, it seems that it is the “mode” lately. Several large companies are launched, like Kodak for example.

To anticipate the evolution of behaviour

Howard Schultz wants so for now take Starbucks away from the adventure of the crypto-currency. So far, he has the intention to adapt the business and anticipate the evolution of the consumer : “I talk about this because we look to the future of our company, and the future of consumer behavior”

At this time, Starbucks is by example a experience in one of its locations in Seattle, by testing the ” without case “, the goal is to experiment with digital innovations. Howard Schultz does not conceal its intention to take advantage of the technology BlockChain. Thus, one can quite easily imagine that one day, customers will be able to pay their Starbucks in crypto-currency, such as KFC for example. But it is a decision which will not be taken in the immediate future. Howard Schultz prefers for the moment to observe the trend by far.

If you were hoping to pay for your coffee at Starbucks in virtual currency, you’re going to be disappointed. Patience…

Source : Seeking Alpha