No payment in crypto-currencies on Facebook Messenger for the time being

David Marcus, vice president of Facebook Messenger, is out of silence to remember the fact that the support payments in crypto-currencies was not expected, at least for the moment.

Payments that are too long and too expensive

Facebook monetizes its hearings, for several years now. And it is a system that works perfectly, relating to each years millions of dollars to the social network. One would have thought that Facebook Messenger, which allows you to easily send money to friends, would be proposing a payment in crypto-currencies, to ride the current trend. And well no !

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According to the vice-president of Facebook Messenger, it is not the question for the moment. The former president of PayPal, who stated that, to date, payments in digital currencies were too restrictive : “The payments in crypto-currencies are for the moment very expensive and very slow. Therefore, the various communities that manage these BlockChains and these assets must provide a solution to these problems. When we get there, one day, we will perhaps be something in place. “

This is so absolutely not a priority to this day as to integrate the crypto-currency to the strategy of Facebook.

And there are many opportunities on Facebook Messenger

However, David Marcus has taken advantage of his interview on CNN to remind people that it was therefore possible to send money to her family via Facebook Messenger. It is a possibility offered to users, but still of little use to this day : “When you want to send a payment to someone, you are first asked to discuss. The payments are truly integrated, in an environment that is conversational. The experience takes place without any friction, since it is a payment made from one debit card to another debit card. “

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No crypto-currency for the time being on Facebook Messenger so. But be careful, the door is not closed ! In fact, David Marcus, has also recently joined the board of directors of the company Coinbase, which says a lot about what he thinks of the digital currency.

Source : CryptoVest