Nvidia record of good performance thanks to the miners of crypto-currencies

Nvidia is the largest manufacturer of graphics cards in the world. However, the results for the first quarter are very encouraging. It is thanks to the sale of graphics cards are made to miners of virtual currencies that the figures are also good.

Impressive numbers

Nvidia has just announced a turnover of 3.21 billion dollars in the first quarter of the year 2018. However, 9 % of this is generated through the sales of graphics cards with the miners of crypto-currencies. This represents $ 289 million. The american company is obviously delighted with this good performance, but it anticipates a significant drop for the next quarter.

Shutterstock / The company has a turnover of impressive for the beginning of the year 2018.

In fact, Bitmain would be on the verge of launching the Antiminer E3 and so take significant market share from Nvidia. However, to this day, Nvidia still remains the first choice of the miners of crypto-currencies. The latter are based in particular on chip GPU. The CEO of Nvidia, Jensen Huang, has told : “If they buy [graphics cards], this is for gaming, but for that they do not play, or while they are at school, at work or still in bed they will turn to their computer to do a little blasting. And there’s nothing wrong with that. “

A young generation passionate about

It is for this reason that the gamers are the real priority for Nvidia. They represent a prime target for the american company : “all of The activities related to our range GeForce is aimed at our core target. […] To ensure that gamers GeForce continue to benefit in the current situation, a sufficient supply of GeForce graphics cards, we recommend our partners to put in place the necessary measures to be able to meet the demand of gamers. “

Pixabay – Olichel / gamers are the prime target for Nvidia.

Nvidia expects a decline in its sales, but the firm is not worried about the future of crypto-currencies. According to the CEO of the company, virtual currencies are starting to impose itself in the world and are not about to disappear. The future will tell us if he is right !

Source : NCC

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