Of leading Russian universities begin to offer courses on the crypto-currencies

Many universities across Russia have added new courses to their existing financing programmes focused on crypto-currencies, the Bitcoin technology and the blockchain. They should offer these courses for the first time during the next academic year due to the high demand.

Of course, but also of course integers for students

A number of top universities in Russia will begin to offer special training and master’s courses dedicated to crypto-currencies and the technology blockchain for the first time this year. The course will be integrated in the existing programmes for the academic year 2017-2018. The Moscow State University (MSU) is part of the universities that offer these courses. The faculty of economics of the MSU will include the curriculum of the Master in financial analysis. At the Higher School of Economics (HSE), which is one of the leading Russian universities, the program is included in the current technologies of the finances of the university. The State University of economics Saint-Petersburg spends even two modules of its program on the banking and financial markets with crypto currencies and technology blockchain.

An increase in the demand

According to Andrey Raigorodsky, head of the School of applied mathematics and computer science at the Institute of physics and technology Moscow (MIPT), this area is highly sought after by students and employers. “This year, we have some special courses,” he said. And to add : “This subject is extremely popular. “The industrial partners of the school require a strong demand, he explained. “For example, we are now working with Sberbank. They have helped us install a new science lab to conduct research on the topic. “Still speaking of partnership, the national University of science and technology and the state-owned bank Vnesheconombank have signed an agreement for the creation of a centre for new materials and innovative technologies based on the Blockchain.

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