Of real estate put up for sale in Bitcoins in San Diego

The holders of Bitcoins have now want to spend their virtual money. But they don’t find easily good opportunities. It is for this reason that many companies engage in the sale of real estate in Bitcoins. The proof with the Canter Companies that put up for sale two properties in San Diego California.

Two real estate put up for sale

Canter Companies, an investment consulting firm based in San Diego California, announced a few days ago that she was selling two real estate properties. The peculiarity of this sale is that the price is announced in Bitcoins. The first property is located at 6653 Neptune Place. It is proposed to 1 082 Bitcoins, which is equivalent to approximately $ 12 million. The second is located at 1257 rue Silverado. It is 733 Bitcoins, or a little less than $ 8 million. If the property is offered for sale in Bitcoins, it is simply because the vendors believe that the technology BlockChain will form the basis of the financial system of tomorrow.

Pixabay – PD Pictures / It is in San Diego as two luxury properties have been put up for sale in Bitcoins.

Alan Ezier, one of the sellers, explained it this way : “I think the technology BlockChain is party to stay and that Bitcoin, as a currency, is the basis of a financial system that is independent and self-sufficient. “

A new trend

And this is only the beginning. In fact, Canter Companies has the intention to propose other real estate to the holders of crypto-currencies. The leaders of the real estate company american desire to democratize the virtual currencies and offer wealthy investors to use their crypto-currency to offer real estate property.

Pixabay – MichaelWuencsh / more real estate properties are sold in “Bitcoins” in the world in recent weeks.

The company is registered in the trend, because several businesses such as Michelle Mone and Doug Barrowman, those billionaires who have sold 50 apartments in Dubai in Bitcoins in recent weeks. So it seems that the digital currency is becoming a real currency, allowing, in particular, to provide housing. To follow.

Source : Bitcoinist