Officers of a regional police service, Ukrainian undermined illegally crypto-currencies

The employees of a regional police service, Ukrainian have been arrested for having mined crypto-currencies with the resources of the department. They have achieved this operation illegally for four months. Their strong, blasting has been seized by the official services.

Heavy charges

The agents of the national police, the Ukrainian used by local officials to undermine digital assets. Of course, it is forbidden to install a farm of mine at his place of work ! They are agents of the district to the regional police of the oblast, Rivne, which are covered by these charges are particularly serious.

Pixabay – The DigitalArtist / police officers ukrainians were destroying the crypto-currency on their place of work.

The suspicions date back to the month of April, when officers of the department of homeland security have identified the presence of an equipment, blasting in the office of the communications department of the small town. It teaches that the investigator of the regional administration has removed two structures in wood, consisting of eight graphics cards, six power supply units, two hard drives, a motherboard and a central processing unit complete. That is to say, all the equipment used in the mining of crypto-currencies.

An investigation is ongoing

According to the criminal code of Ukraine, the diversion of electricity is a serious offence. There is, therefore, an official investigation has been opened, in order to identify the actors of this crime who have abused their official function, to use community property for personal use.

Pixabay – The DigitalArtist

It is not known what are the crypto-currencies concerned, or the exact amount of electricity that has been diverted for mining. Anyway, the police officers have been relieved of their duties and the investigation and that judgment will determine their fate.

Ukraine is among the countries crypto-skeptics, and is currently working on the establishment of strict regulations to control the crypto-currencies, without the ban.

Source : News Bitcoin