One of the largest networks of exchanges of Bitcoins in the world has just added a new crypto-currency on their platform

Bithumb, one of the largest global networks of exchanges of crypto-currencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, has added a new virtual currency yesterday. Based in South Korea, Bithumb has just launched the Zcash, a digital currency that is centered on the blockchain. This technology follows the principles of the virtual currency, and allows users to buy and sell without the need of an intermediary such as a bank.

Zcash is similar to the Bitcoin and Ether, which are the crypto-currencies are the most popular currently. In this sense, it is a technology allowing the anonymity of the transactions.

South Korea, one of the countries where crypto-currencies have experienced a huge success

The addition of the Zcash in this network occurs a day after, another company, exchange of crypto-currencies based in England, has built a new support platform for exchange.

Today, companies of crypto-currencies are being used more and more in South Korea, despite the repression of the ICO. This mechanism allows contractors to propose their own token virtual and sell them through the ICO. These have recently been prohibited by China. The United States has adopted a different approach, putting in place a system to regulate the market.

The evolution of the price of the Zcash since its release

Bithumb was supposed to be added to this new crypto-currency at least one week prior to the announcement of Tuesday. Only a few days after the report broadcast on BTC News September 28, the value of the Zcash has increased by more than 70 % up to $ 400. However, the price has declined to approximately us $ 240.

David Lim, the director of development, global commercial of the company, told Fortune in an email that several factors were taken into account when they wanted to add this new crypto-currency. He then stated that the Zcash had responded to their criteria.