Only 8.5% of forex traders crypto-currencies are women

A new demographic analysis of people trading crypto-currency revealed the results intriguing. In fact, this study showed a very low number of women operating in this sector. Most of these have little or no experience, and many are students or work in the marketing world.

Check out below a video in English explaining these facts :

Understand the demographics

Market analysts for the network of social investment and brokerage multi-asset eToro, have conducted a study with their extensive user base to help the company better understand exactly who are the investors of digital currency. In examining the data from march 2017 to February 2018, they have looked at the profiles of those who invest in crypto-currencies. Several criteria have been taken into account, including age, gender, or the sector of activity of each investor. This study revealed that the majority of traders are not experienced. 81,96 % are at the Novice level, 10,66 % at Intermediate level and 7,38 % at the Advanced level.

Source : Pixabay. The group eToro has carried out a study to better understand the profiles of the investors in crypto.

Looking at the repair occupation, it is not surprising to see the people working in it services and in the finance industry strongly represented. The individuals operating in the marketing sector are not very present.

The men are more interested in crypto-currencies

Women are less interested in the trading of crypto-currencies. Moreover, data revealed by eToro have indicated that less than one-tenth of the traders of digital currencies are women, with only 8.5% of market share against 91,5 % for men. These results are not so surprising when one considers that the fields of technology and finance are suffering a serious imbalance between the sexes.

The research also revealed that the preference between men and women in matters of crypto-currency is different. The fairer sex prefers, in fact, the XRP. As for the men, they prefer the Litecoin and Bitcoin Cash.

Source : NewsBitcoin