Overstock launches trading platform ICO ” according to the SEC “

Tzero, a subsidiary of the majority of Overstock, launched a trading platform ICO that is fully compliant with the regulations of the SEC, the u.s. federal agency of regulation and supervision of financial markets, and FINRA (Financial Industry Regulatory Authority). The platform includes a system of alternative trade, which means that it will not be subject to the regulations of the exchange.

Tzero will create a multilateral system of trading

This multilateral system of trading will be administered in partnership with RenGem LLC and the group of Argon. The group Argon is an investment bank focused on funding the digital. It provides financial advisory services, investment and technology to companies seeking to raise equity through crypto-currencies. About RenGen LLC, is a firm investment and financial services focuses on the technology Blockchain. Thus, Tzero will develop the platform, while RenGen will provide the technology and liquidity of the algorithm, and Argon Group will promote the system on its vast network of customers.

A unique and innovative partnership

Patrick Byrne, CEO of Overstock, has described with enthusiasm the partnership by stating that” by combining our expertise with the consultancy services of the group Argon and the activities of electronic trading, liquidity is deep and market-creation of RenGen, we are able to launch the only system of negotiation of crypto-currencies in conformity to the american standard. “The CEO of Overstock believes that the launch of the multilateral system of negotiation is timely, stressing that it will be a great step forward for the industry of the ICO. In effect, the systems of trading alternative are not subject to the same rules as exchanges, since they are legally regarded as organizations that provide or administer a market and bring together buyers and sellers of securities.