Pay its place to see the Dallas Mavericks in Bitcoin ? This will be possible soon !

The excitement around crypto-currencies is such that even the world of sport comes in ! In fact, it should soon be possible to pay in the digital currency to buy tickets to see them play the Dallas Mavericks…

Buy its place at the stage in Bitcoin

Mark Cuban was in the process of commenting on the composition of his team for a game and waited, when a fan asked about the social networks. The latter, a supporter of long date visibly, asked him when it would be possible to buy a ticket for a match in Bitcoin. The response did not wait ! In fact, the billionaire had already shown last year a great interest for crypto-currencies. He therefore seized the opportunity to announce that this would be possible as soon as the next school year.

If this was the case, this would be the first time that a sports team as popular as the Dallas Mavericks would accept the payment of a place with crypto-currency. According to what has been announced, this should indeed be the case very soon. The idea is obviously to ride the trend and make the buzz around this team is very popular in the United States.

Mark, when will I be able to purchase Mavs tickets with bitcoin?

— Batman Cash (@13ac0n_) January 16, 2018

Spectacular arrival of the crypto-currency in the world of professional sports

You might think it is a great first in the world of sports. But that would be wrong ! In fact, in Denmark, the company Bictoin Switzerland has decided to sponsor a hockey club is very popular. As well, the stadium of the team Courses.rungsted Ishockey in Danish has been renamed for at least three years, ” Bitcoin Arena “. One of the most famous players of the team, Nikolaj Rosenthal, is also the first professional athlete in the world to be paid only in Bitcoin.

Pixabay – Jill111

This is probably just the beginning. And it is this hope Bitcoin Switzerland, which has quickly pointed out an official press release. Officials have indicated that the payment of this star of hockey in Denmark in Bitcoin was going to open the path into the world of professional sports.

Yes, the crypto-currency makes its way everywhere !

Source : Bitcoinist