PayPal will be the payment in Bitcoin

This is a question that irks many owners of Bitcoins. PayPal will accept there a day payment in crypto-currency ? The financial director of the famous payment platform online is out of the silence for an answer rather reassuring.

The problem of the volatility of Bitcoin

John Rainey is the cfo of PayPal. It is expressed on Monday in the framework of the show Mad Money, which aired on the channel CNBC, and took the opportunity to give its opinion on crypto-currencies. He admits that for now his company does not see the value of Bitcoin because of its volatility. However, maybe one day PayPal will be interested in more.

Pixabay – JayDeep / For the moment, PayPal does not wish to accept the Bitcoin.

In addition, e-retailers do not have relevance for Bitcoin today. In fact, the man explained : “because of the volatility of crypto-currencies, if you are a trader and you have, say, a 10% margin on a product that you sell and that you agree to accept the Bitcoin, for example, and the next day its value is changing by 15 %, you may have problems with this transaction. “

Maybe one day…

However, maybe one day PayPal will accept Bitcoin and other crypto-currencies. The director of finance recalled that the platform was already turned towards the Bitcoin, with the payment solution Braintree, but that the implementation was time-consuming. This solution was not yet optimized when PayPal was tested.

Pixabay – Geralt / When the Bitcoin will have stabilized, it may be that PayPal will change your mind.

But John Rainey does not close the door to crypto-currencies and announced : “We are currently seeing not a lot of interest from our traders. But if it is something which will be able to stabilize and become a better currency, then we will certainly support. “

So it seems that the patience is for the moment. PayPal will most likely accept Bitcoin if the virtual currency can stabilize.

Source : Bitcoinist