Picolo Research : reports free to choose your ICO

The world of ICO is exciting. But given the growing number of Initial Corner Offerings and scams pure and simple who are regularly in the news for this sector, how to choose the new crypto-currency in which to invest ? To seriously analyze a project from all angles (market, team, strength of the concept, the key to distribution of tokens, etc) takes time.

The reflex is therefore to turn to the Internet. From the research sites or YouTubers that would have done the investigative work for you, or rather that can serve you as a starting point for your own research. But there is a catch. Most of the “analyses” that we find on the net are simply operations sponsored. With rare exceptions, there is therefore no objective information, but simply a sales pitch. Just hang out on the groups Telegram to the ICO to find that such people offer regularly in their marketing services. Objectivity will, of course, not at the rendezvous.

Among these exceptions, I think there’s Picolo Research, a small independent research company based in Singapore that is dedicated to the analysis of the start-ups in the chain of blocks and ICO. Previously known under the name of BlockchainI.CO, Picolo Research has seen the light of day under its current name in July 2017. It focuses on the analysis of the ICO, as well as tokens and emerging markets. Its objective is ” to provide transparency and confidence to investors who want exposure to assets based on the chain of blocks “. Matt Dibb, its founder, is also the contractor who must be ASTRO, a fund specialising in the ICO which is based on the analyses of Picolo to make its investment decisions.

Reports of ICO and free quality

The site of the Picolo is currently freely available to all investors in crypto-currencies. The reports are divided into 3 categories : the “Past” (ICO ending), “Active” (ICO-in-progress) and Upcoming (ICO to come).

Picolo ResearchPrinting screen on the site of the Picolo Research

Each list provides a short summary of each project : its category, a description concise, the dates of the beginning and end of the Initial Corner Offering, a link to the full report as well as the score assigned. The possible ratings are the following :

  • Buy : opportunity to purchase highly compelling
  • Spec Buy : opportunity for speculative investors with high risk tolerance
  • Neutral : an investment opportunity that may be considered under certain circumstances
  • Avoid : the company or the token has merits, however, there are parameters to be risky, which induce a significant risk
  • Scam : a project at the concept stage, which does not display enough conviction or that is close to a scam

Each report digs the ICO in question by reviewing all of the important parameters. It takes the link of the white paper, the website of the issuer, the data relating to the sale (hard cap, the amount of tokens maximum, bonus, etc), the members of the team, the business strategy, the strong points and the weak points of the project.

The philosophy of Picolo Research

Picolo Research philosophy is to seek projects that are truly viable. This is not among them you will find the ICO promoted with a great deal of marketing, which mainly sell wind or untenable promises. Paradoxically, these are often those that offer the best returns… in the short term. The recommendations of Picolo, therefore, are primarily intended for investors who rely instead on the long-term. The long term in cryptos is much shorter than anywhere else ! Of course, nothing prevents you from short-term to recover at least your initial bet, or make a small profit when the opportunity presents itself. However, the Initial Corner Offerings recommended by Picolo often take more time than the average to keep their promises because of his philosophy.

Source : Picolo Research, Blog Medium, ASTRO