Playboy plans to integrate a portfolio of crypto-currencies

On 14 march, the leader of the industry of magazine for adults, Playboy, announced that the company would propose a solution of the payments in crypto-currencies through its website Playboy TV. In this release, you can discover that guests are able to access adult content, exclusives, and various offerings in the future.

Below is a video in English explaining perfectly the new :

Flexibility of payment increased

Playboy is a company of adult entertainment, founded in 1953 by Hugh Hefner. The company has become in just a few years the leader in the sex industry, and continues to be a brand dominant. Playboy, whose headquarters is located in Beverly Hills, California, publishes magazines, has web sites, broadcast television and radio programs in nearly 180 countries in the world. Now, the company plans to introduce payments in crypto-currencies to its online services, starting with its subsidiary, Playboy TV.

Source : Wikimedia Commons. Playboy launches a portfolio of crypto-currencies via its subsidiary, Playboy TV.

Reena Patel, commercial director and chief operations officer of Playboy, said that the popularity of alternative payment methods continues to grow throughout the world, even as the reach of digital platforms of Playboy. They have therefore found it important to offer its 100 million monthly customers more flexibility in payment, she added.

Rewards to the key

According to Playboy, the company will include a portfolio of multi-crypto-currency which will contain the best digital asset and virtual currency called Vice Industry Token (SAW). Using digital currencies to pay for adult content, customers will be able to earn tokens that will allow them to see the original content of Playboy TV, comment on it and evaluate it.

This innovation gives to the millions of people who enjoy his content, as well as those who participate in its gaming platforms, more choices in terms of payment, explained Patel. This is not the first time that Playboy is interested in crypto-currencies. In fact, the company has already accepted payments in Bitcoin on their website Playboy Plus and Playboy Brand.

Source : NewsBitcoin