Police officers involved in a case of kidnapping of people with Bitcoins in India

The media in india have revealed that 11 people have been involved in a case of abduction and extortion of Bitcoins. Among the individuals suspected, there were 10 police officers, including an inspector. Three people were abducted. The kidnappers were beaten up to get 200 Bitcoins with a value of over a million dollars.

Here is a video in English relaying the news :

The arrest of police officers for indian removal

Ashish Bhatia, director of the criminal investigation Department of India (CID), revealed that two police officers, the officers Vijay Vadher and Babu Der, were arrested on Sunday. The other accused have been killed during their arrest. Mr. Bhatia spoke about a case of extortion involving more than a dozen police officers, including an inspector. According to this senior official, more than 200 Bitcoins have been stolen.

Source : Pixabay. Police officers have been arrested for kidnapping in India.

This has become quite common in India in recent months, especially as the price of Bitcoin began to increase. On the 11th of march, two police officers were arrested for kidnapping a businessman and extorted Bticoins. In June, another case of abduction occurred in India. A group of six people has in effect demanded a ransom in Bitcoins in the city of Mohali for the release of a businessman. In September, the indian police has arrested six others for kidnapping in New Delhi.

How this case has it changed ?

The police have been accused of having kidnapped three people, including Shailesh Bhatt, a prominent business man. They would have been led in a farm, beaten, and forced to transfer 200 Bitcoins. According to Mr Bhatia, the records of these offenders have been checked. They were released after an agreement.

A special team has been set up for this investigation. At the present time, three people – including two police officers and one individual – have been apprehended. Portfolios digital of the victims will also be examined.

Source : NewsBitcoin