Porsche turns to technology BlockChain

Porsche has just published a press release in which we learn that the technology BlockChain will soon be integrated to vehicles of the German car manufacturer.

A partnership unexpected

The German automaker Porsche has recently form a partnership with XAIN. This is a start-up company located in Berlin with the objective to integrate the application BlockChain in the new creations of the famous brand of sports cars. Thus, it would be possible to provide drivers with features completely new and make the difference with other manufacturers !

Pixabay – Toby_Parsons / Porsche wants to participate in the adventure and integrate technology into the BlockChain to its new vehicles.

A few examples have been cited by the brand to explain the relevance of the integration of technology BlockChain to a car. It would for example be possible to close and open the vehicle thanks to a mobile application. You will also have access to the performance of the car directly on his smartphone. But there will also be the possibility to provide a temporary access to the vehicle to other people, thanks to a “Smart Contract” which will define the terms and conditions of this loan. New funny that could change the user experience.

An idea in the air of the time

Porsche has the intention to participate in the enthusiasm that currently exists around the technology BlockChain. The company is not the only one to be interested in it, like Kodak, for example, which has taken the decision to participate in the adventure. The initiative from Porsche appears to be consistent and could offer new opportunities to the drivers. Not to mention that this approach might be of interest to some investors.

Pixabay – XResch / technology BlockChain will allow motorists to have new features.

Porsche therefore wishes to position itself in a sector that is of no concern to the other car manufacturers for the moment. And the German brand took the opportunity to make the buzz around this unexpected announcement. Clever !

Source : NCC