Presentation and definition of the crypto-currency Bitcoin Cash (BCH/BCC)

Presentation and definition of the crypto-currency Bitcoin Cash (BCH/BCC)

  • Name of the crypto-currency : Bitcoin Cash
  • Acronym : BCC / BCH
  • Where to buy Bitcoin ? Binance, Bitbay
  • Creation Date : August 2017
  • White paper of the Bitcoin Cash
  • Web Site

The Bitcoin Cash : presentation

The Bitcoin Cash sees the light of day in August 2017 following a “hardfork” of the protocol Bitcoin. The blockchain Bitcoin does not adapt to a large number of applications and users, without that it does impact on the speed and cost of transactions. In fact, the blockchain from the original Bitcoin is not able to handle more than a dozen operations per second, which is extremely low compared to a network such as Visa, which can handle thousands. It is a result of the transactions slower and more expensive, which alarm the community Bitcoin, and created a great deal of debate between the users, the miners, and the development teams.

The increase of the size of the blocks

To overcome this problem, increase the size of the blocks seems to be the right answer but the Bitcoin network does not wish to perform this upgrade. This split has, therefore, given birth to a new version, the Bitcoin Cash, considered by his followers as the ” true Bitcoin “. The Bitcoin Cash uses the same process of the blockchain the Bitcoin the traditional but now makes transactions quicker and cheaper.The block size is increased from 1mb to 8mb.

Bitcoin Cash joined Coinbase !

The Bitcoin Cash can be purchased directly on Coinbase. It is only the fourth currency to crypto, who has the privilege of making his entry on the famous platform of purchase after the Bitcoin, the Litecoin, and Ethereum.