Presentation and definition of the crypto-currency Blocknet (BLOCK)

Presentation and definition of the crypto-currency Blocknet (BLOCK)

  • Name of the crypto-currency : Blocknet
  • Acronym : BLOCK
  • Where to buy the Block ? Binance
  • Creation Date : October 2014
  • No white paper
  • Web Site Blocknet

The internet of blockchains

Blocknet is the internet of blockchains. The developers of the project are convinced of the enormous potential of the blockchain which is a revolutionary technology. However, there will never be a single blockchain. None of them would be able to support all of the data and operations for the entire world. It is for this reason that we find a multitude of blockchains, which are independent and isolated. Blocknet offers to create a network to connect all these blockchains between them.

The limits of the blockchain

Blocknet is positioned as a solution to the limitations of the blockchain. Indeed, the potential of the blockchain finds himself faced with various problems : interoperability, modularity, and mobility. The blockchain needs to exist through a shared space : this is the challenge of Blocknet. The blockchains, in the face of the application, do not cease to increase in size and may not longer be accessible from a mobile device because of the space required for the install. The solution of Blocknet ? That blockchains deliver their services to mobile applications that use blockchains smaller.

A revolutionary technology

The Blocknet is an advancement of revolutionary technology cryptographic. It is a protocol of peer-to-peer that communicates between nodes on different blockchains. This protocol open-source is called XBridge, it is a bridge between the different blockchains. The XBridge allows interoperability between blockchains, and makes it easier and more intuitive the use of decentralized applications. KyberNetwork aims to open up the world and real-world cryptographic.