Presentation and definition of the crypto-currency Decred (DCR)

Presentation and definition of the crypto-currency Decred (DCR)

  • Name of the crypto-currency : Decred
  • Abbreviation : DCR
  • Where to buy Decred ? Binance
  • Creation Date : February 2016
  • White paper of Decred
  • Web Site Decred

Decred, a fork of Bitcoin

Decred is a virtual currency, decentralized, fully managed by its community. Twenty developers from the world Bitcoin are at the origin of this project. In fact, weary of the centralization of Bitcoin, this new kernel has decided to launch a fork of Bitcoin. Decred is an open-source project, and scalable, which integrates all members of the community in decision-making.

The consensus Decred

The system Decred is characterised by a system of consensus hybrid that mixes the Proof-of-work (proof of work) and the Proof-of-stake (proof of stake). The goal is to achieve a balance between the wishes of the minors and users with this blasting hybrid. A block is valid every five minutes, against ten minutes for Bitcoin, and the transaction costs are also much lower. Decred uses the hash algorithm Blake-256 and the Go language for programming.

The community Decred

The community Decred is at the heart of the project. In fact, it is she who takes the decisions for the future of the network, through a system of votes in the blockchain. Thus, the members are in direct contact with the developers and may act together for the interest of the Decred. We find a system of democracy.

The distribution Airdrop

The limit of tokens DCR has been set at 21 million units. The premining affected 8% of the total emission. An “airdrop” has been launched in order to distribute the money quickly and massively. That is to say that a certain number of tokens have been distributed free of charge.