Presentation and definition of the crypto-currency District0x (TSD)

Presentation and definition of the crypto-currency District0x (TSD)

  • Name of the crypto-currency : District0x
  • Abbreviation : TSD
  • Where to buy TSD ? Binance
  • Creation Date : July 2017
  • White paper of District0x
  • Web Site District0x

The network Distrit0x

District0x is a network of markets and communities decentralized. The “districts” correspond to the marketplaces and communities that any user can deploy on the network Distrit0x. The network encourages the submission of ideas for new districts to be created on the network via the ” Community proposal process “. This process allows members to submit their ideas to enlarge the marketplace.

The tools District0x

Each district has several features : the ability to post and maintain a list of products, a search filter and a built-in search engine, a system of votes and reputation a payment protocol and billing.

The structure d0xINFRA

The infrastructure d0xINFRA is at the heart of each district. It is a set of smart contracts formalized on the blockchain of Ethereum and data libraries front-end distributed on IPFS.


The system District0x uses the platform Aragon to accompany each entity created on the network. On Aragon, each district will be able to manage and execute all of the decision-making process.

The district0x Network Token

The network district0x uses its own crypto-currency, tokens TSD. These tokens are used on the platform by the users to reach to the districts and to participate in decisions concerning them. Each member receives a number of votes which is equivalent to the amount of DNT incurred on a district. The votes relate to all type of decisions about the development of the district : the additional modules, the way of collecting taxes, the code of conduct…