Presentation and definition of the crypto-currency Gridcoin (GRC)

Presentation and definition of the crypto-currency Gridcoin (GRC)

  • Name of the crypto-currency : Gridcoin
  • Acronym : RCMP
  • Where to buy Gridcoin ? Binance
  • Date of creation : October 2013
  • White paper of Gridcoin
  • Web Site of Gridcoin

The platform Gridcoin

Gridcoin is an open source platform based on the blockchain, which operates in a decentralized manner. Gridcoin differs from other crypto-currencies through its algorithm proof-of-research (POR) in connection with BOINC. This process rewards the members of the network who have made a scientific calculation, with an array of chips Gridcoin (GRC). Gridcoin added to the calculation of validation classic used on the blockchain, a calculation that is useful for scientific research. The idea is to avoid unnecessarily waste energy only to validate blocks, as is often the case for other crypto-currencies energy-intensive. In this way, the energy produced to create blocks on the network Gridcoin allows also to advance scientific projects.


BOINC is a computing platform developed by the university of California, Berkeley, which supports scientific projects that need a power calculation important without necessarily having the financial means. It is also possible to provide the computing power of the program BOINC without handling Gridcoin, by simply installing their program. If you are a project leader and you need computing power at a lower cost, you can your side also you can easily create a BOINC project that can be built on to the network Gridcoin. The network BOINC supports projects that can lead to important advances in the field of medicine, biology or climatology.