Presentation and definition of the crypto-currency ION (ION)

Presentation and definition of the crypto-currency ION (ION)

  • Name of the crypto-currency : Ion
  • Abbreviation : ION
  • Where to buy Ion ? Binance
  • Date of creation : May 2015
  • White paper Ion
  • Web Site Ion

Presentation ION

ION is a crypto-currency based on a blockchain, decentralized, used in the network Ionomy. One speaks of ION as of the crypto-currency of the ” gamers “. The members of the community participate in the consensus Proof of Stake (proof of stake) and are rewarded by receiving chips-ION battery. The network reward only the active members, who participate in the development of Ionmy through various actions. Ionomy also enables secure transactions and instant.

The network of gamers

Ionomy for the purpose of providing added value to game developers, investors and players. The network represents a smart solution for companies focused on the development of games. The first pillar of Ionomy, it is the space of games. Each player is competing to win chips ION. These tokens can then be used on the ION Store. Ionomy also relies on the social aspect and would like to encourage networking. The third key tool of the system is its financial platform, which offers different investment opportunities. The players are active on the network may be rewarded for example by a more rapid growth of their own chips, providing an incentive to both play and invest.

The management by the community

Ionomy is managed by its community. The project is open-source and the community is encouraged to improve the network, optimizing the code, to further accentuate the decentralization. Every member who acts for the development and optimization of Ionomy is rewarded. The community can make requests for new options or new tools, which will be implemented first in a test environment, before joining permanently from the network.