Presentation and definition of the crypto-currency Metaverse FTE (FTE)

Presentation and definition of the crypto-currency Metaverse FTE (FTE)

  • Name of the crypto-currency : Metaverse FTE
  • Acronym : FTE
  • Where to buy the FTE ? Binance
  • Creation Date : February 2017
  • White paper of Dal FTE
  • Web Site Metaverse FTE

The platform Metaverse

Metaverse is an exchange platform that works through a blockchain. It aims to enable the exchange of data and assets at a lower cost and in a secure manner and private. The objective of the project is to revolutionize the world of financial services and transactions, creating a network of active digital identities, digital and oracles (intermediate).

The tokens FTE

The network Metaverse uses tokens to FTES that represent the rights and interests of Dal. The emission limit of tokens FTE was set at 100 million units and the smallest unit of FTES is equal to 0,00000001 FTE. The security of FTES is guaranteed by the process of ECDSA, “Elliptic Curve Digital Signature Algorithm”. It is a signature algorithm public key.

The principles of Metaverse FTE

The vision of the Metaverse is based on several fundamental principles :

  • A blockchain asset digital has need for several types of transactions. Dal has not established of transactions pre-defined, its purpose is to be flexible and adapt to the requirements of the users.
  • The assets transactions digital have need of trusted intermediaries on the blockchain. The network Metaverse involves “Oracles” and relies on them to verify all of the information shared, stored, and provided by all members of the community.
  • The blockchain is looking to expand on the chinese territory, and to better understand the problems of the market, it should be based in China and supported by the government.