Presentation and definition of the crypto-currency (Neo NEO)

Presentation and definition of the crypto-currency (Neo NEO)

  • Name of the crypto-currency : Neo
  • Abbreviation : NEO
  • Where to buy the NEO ? Binance
  • Date of creation : 2014
  • White paper of the NEO
  • Web Site

Neo : presentation

Neo is a decentralized system, launched in 2014 by a chinese company and allows you to conduct financial transactions on a peer-to-peer. Originally called AntShares, its name changed to 2017. Neo has for first vocation to develop the chinese market, which is hardly penetrable by the western companies. The network Neo works with two tokens : the NEO and the GAS. Tokens NEO are used for voting in respect of the blockchain while the GAS is used to set the transaction fee.

How the system works Neo ?

In its operation, Neo looks similar to the currency Ethereum. In the world of crypto-currencies, the Neo is also often presented as the Ethereum chinese. Its process is based on a system of smart contracts, but it offers greater scabilité than its competitor. This is the very first protocol, free of blockchain chinese.

The creators of NEO base their long-term development on the “Smart Economy” that is based on a desire to bring together the traditional economy and the digital economy. This economy is totally decentralized and accessible to all.

How to get tokens NEO ?

The currency NEO is not directly available for purchase, unlike Bitcoin or Ethereum. To you buy, it will be necessary, therefore, to proceed in two stages : you will first need to acquire tokens for BTC or ETH and then, via a dedicated platform to convert token NEO.