Presentation and definition of the crypto-currency Nexus (NXS)

Presentation and definition of the crypto-currency Nexus (NXS)

  • Name of the crypto-currency : Nexus
  • Acronym : NXS
  • Where to buy the Nexus ? Binance
  • Date of creation : September 2014
  • White paper Nexus
  • Nexus web Site

The Nexus network

Nexus is a decentralized network that allows transactions via the blockchain. Nexus aims to improve the protocol Blockchain by focusing on three fundamental principles :

  • A code efficient and extensible
  • Enhanced security
  • Networks hardware revolutionary

The performance of Nexus

Nexus has developed the Lower Level Database (LLD). It is a lightweight database that significantly improves the speed and power of calculation. The protocol Nexus displays a large scabilité, that is to say, as the network increases, it is able to adapt naturally in response to the increase of transactions. Its advanced security helps protect the entire network against attacks quantum, using of key single-use and a hash of 1024-bit. The Trust Keys allow nodes to ensure maximum safety on the network. In exchange, the nodes Nexus will be able to receive greater rewards, and thus guarantee a rate of levy higher.

A secure network in the space

Nexus is very much involved in the aviation industry, with the aim to launch satellites in low orbit to further secure the data. According to Nexus, the only way to provide a network that is fully decentralized is to bypass the traditional networks of telecommunications on the ground. It is for this reason that they wish to secure the blockchain Nexus in the space, via satellites. It will be a blockchain highly improved, called the 3DC Blockchain, blockchain in three dimensions.