Presentation and definition of the crypto-currency SmartCash (SMART)

Presentation and definition of the crypto-currency SmartCash (SMART)

  • Name of the crypto-money : SmartCash
  • Acronym : SMART
  • Where to buy SmartCash ? Binance
  • Creation Date : June 2017
  • No white paper
  • Web Site SmartCash

The platform SmartCash

SmartCash is a platform for decentralized, which allows you to perform transactions using a virtual currency. The transactions are fast and secure. A large community has formed around the crypto-currency SmartCash. For decisions on the progress of the project, all members have the right to vote.

The chips SmartCash

To store and manage your chips SmartCash, you need a virtual wallet, the Wallet. To hold SmartCash, there are three solutions :

  • Buy SmartCash : for this you will need to pre buy Bitcoins and exchange them through an exchange platform.
  • Receive SmartCash : the community may reward you by you paying SmartCash when you create content
  • Undermine the SmartCash : you can with your video card miner directly to the smartcash with your computer.

The profitability of the SmartCash

You can get dividends nothing you storing your SmartCash. Every month, a certain date, if you have a number of SmartCash in your Wallet and that you do not remove anything for 30 days, you will be remunerated by a percentage of your smartcash. In the long term, this concept is very interesting to increase your capital stack.

The distribution of funds

80% of the funds generated by SmartCash back to the community for the management and development of the project. 15% are used as rewards (SmartRewards) and 5% are awarded to miners. There is a real willingness to support the expansion of SmartCash, rather than promote the profits of the miners.