Presentation and definition of the crypto-currency Storj (STORJ)

Presentation and definition of the crypto-currency Storj (STORJ)

  • Name of the crypto-currency : Storj
  • Acronym : STORJ
  • Where to buy of the Storj ? Binance
  • Date of creation : 2014
  • White paper of Storj
  • Web Site of Storj

A storage platform

Storj is a platform for the storage décentalisée and secure that works with a blockchain. It is a data storage solution at a lower cost. The contents stored are encrypted and then fragmented. The fragments are then distributed over different hard disks belonging to the users of Storj. Each member hosting the content on his machine will be paid in chips STORJ.

A decentralized network

Storj provides a storage service at prices that are significantly less expensive than the current providers. The system is also much more reliable since there is no intermediary. No data stored may not be monitored or censored.

The compensation on Storj

The basic result of the network Storj is simple : many users have a large storage space on their computer which they do not have the utility. Propose a portion of this space, the lease may represent for them an interesting source of revenue. Storj, thus, allows to put in relation the asylum space and the rental-car companies, without intervening in the exchange of service which is carried out via the blockchain. The network Storj allows to avoid possible data loss, because each content fragment is duplicated and stored on multiple hard drives.

The privacy

The network Storj allows for confidentiality of data and resources stored. Only the owner can access it. In effect, the host can not absolutely not have access to the content it stores and since they are secured by a key. In addition, the files are fragmented and stored in several different areas.