Presentation and definition of the crypto-currency Tron / Tronix (TRX)

Presentation and definition of the crypto-currency Tron / Tronix (TRX)

  • Name of the crypto-currency : Tron / Tronix
  • Abbreviation : TRX
  • Where to buy the Tronix ? Binance
  • Creation Date : 2017
  • White paper of Tron
  • Web Site

The system Tron in a few words

Tron is a system that works without intervention of a central authority, and that allows us to store and distribute content freely via a blockchain. It was launched by a non-profit association, the Tron foundation, with the primary purpose of disrupting the traditional industry of the entertainment. Their ambition goes even much further : the founders of Tron want to raise the monopoly of the big companies (Google, Facebook…) on the personal data of the users by delivering them directly to content publishers.

The Tronix : the token of the network Tron

The crypto-currency used on the network Tron is the Tronix (TRX). It is the unit of account basis. There are two versions derived, calculated from the value of the Tronix : the Tron Power (TP) and the token Tron 20. The TP corresponds to a locked-down version of the Tronix which will give the holder a greater power on the ecosystem, Tron, and while Tron 20 allows the owners of individual contents create custom tokens on the network Tron.

What is the purpose of the platform Tron ?

The network Tron aims to remove the intermediaries such as Google Play or the Apple Store for the distribution and storage of digital content, enabling individual creators to sell their works directly to the consumer and to harvest the entirety of the funds. Tron wants to release the full data from any type of control. The ecosystem envisioned allows you to obtain digital content in exchange for the dissemination of other digital resources.