Presentation and definition of the crypto-currency VeriCoin (VRC)

Presentation and definition of the crypto-currency VeriCoin (VRC)

  • Name of the crypto-currency : VeriCoin
  • Abbreviation : HRV
  • Where to buy VeriCoin ? Binance
  • Date of creation : May 2014
  • White paper of VeriCoin
  • Web Site of VeriCoin

The protocol VeriCoin

VeriCoin is the first protocol blockchain binary in the world. Working with Verium, it allows to combine a crypto-currency to a reserve digital. This technology can provide solutions to the problems that are currently facing many crypto-currencies : transaction too large, high costs, a lack of scalability.

The operation of VeriCoin

VeriCoin brings a revolutionary technology, the Binary-Chain, which enables faster transactions at lower costs. The double blockchain uses a consensus-hybrid validation of transactions, combining the PoST (Proof of Stake Time) and PoWT (Proof of Work Time). Thus, the transactions are ten times faster than Bitcoin, and the costs are extremely low. The system also offers higher rewards to the miners and the Verium can be mined by anyone who owns a computer. As it is ASIC and GPU resistant, everyone can participate in mining. The network thus provides an optimally decentralized.

The digital currency VeriCoin

Unlike Bitcoin, VeriCoin is like a savings account. In fact, by leaving your wallet running on your PC, you can earn interest. This is the ” staking “. The network gives the possibility to all the users around the world to send and receive virtual currency in just a few seconds. VeriCoin allows you to give access to a financial network digital non-bancarisées.