Prodeum, a start-up Lithuanian performs an ICO fraudulent

The current ecosystem of investments in crypto-currencies is one of the purest forms of free market. This gives rise to the incredible growth that allows certain people to enrich themselves quickly and start-ups to develop as never before. However, it is also incumbent on investors to check the ideas, teams, and capabilities before engaging in an ICO.

Investors were duped by a start-up

On the website Prodeum, a company that launched a ICO recently, one can discover a bad message to investors. Contrary to what happened in the past, no attempt has been made to claim that the system had been hacked, or inform the investors that it is a maintenance problem and that the system will be up and running quickly. The’s social media project has just been deleted, and it was as if it had never existed. Many investors have complained on the social networks. They considered this project as a scam.

Check out below the details of this case :

According to its press release, Prodeum was supposedly a start-up who is Lithuanian, was on the point of revolutionizing the industry of fruits and vegetables using the technology Blockchain. She claimed to have already held discussions with the international Federation of standards of products, and officially launched a ICO on 20 January. Plans were underway to begin trials in Lithuania and in the United States.

Fraudulent means have been used

It now seems clear that the people behind this ICO had used fraudulent means to promote this project from the beginning. Investors have discovered that the images of “fans” that the team Prodeum has claimed on the social networks were in fact those users paid.

This is not the first time that the site is involved in the ICO ladles. In fact, he had already used the same process in the past. They are paid people nearly 80 million to promote their project.

Source : NewsBitcoin