Project of construction of a statue in the likeness of Satoshi in Kiev

An initiative to erect a monument of Satoshi Nakamoto in the Ukrainian capital is becoming more extensive. The idea is to place the statue at the place where stood the statue in red stone of Lenin, before it was demolished it was almost five years old. This project would be part of a campaign to build monuments of Him all over the world.

Check out below a video in English describing these facts :

Nakamoto is going to take the place of Lenin

A monument of Satoshi Nakamoto, creator of Bitcoin, could soon be erected in Kiev, the capital of Ukraine. The project to erect a statue of the creator, unknown to the most popular crypto-currency in the world seduces a large number of people. The project consists of the installation of the statue at the intersection of the main street Khreshchaty of Kiev and the boulevard Taras-Shevchenko. This place was not chosen at random. A few years ago, it was occupied by the monument of Lenin.

Source : Pixabay. A project aims to erect a statue of the creator of Bitcoin in Ukraine.

His statue was destroyed by protesters in December 2013. These events have led to major political changes in Ukraine. The space is now empty and hosts artists with the general public of their works. The people behind this project intend first of all to create a monument virtual Satoshi. The statue will be digitally visible through a mobile application when the smartphone is turned to the place.

A global initiative

According to local media, the installation of the statue in Kiev is part of a global initiative to erect monuments to Him around the world and create a ” Republic Blockchain “. If the city authorities reject the petition, the project leaders say they want to look for another place to place this monument.

There is not so long ago, a similar initiative has been carried out in Slovenia. In march, the city of Kranj has inaugurated a monument dedicated to Bitcoin and the technology Blockchain. It is also the first statue in the world honoring this crypto-currency.

Source : NewsBitcoin

  • Tanya Shabatin

    Hi everyone. Now we are engaging in the construction of monuments to a great man, who is a new symbol of freedom for everyone. Currently, the development of the application is underway and within 2 months a virtual monument will be installed in Kyiv (Ukraine). How will the virtual monument will look like? – is a good question. We want to announce a competition among designers for the best idea for the monument. Next, we will ask the community to choose which idea of the monument is the best. Then this idea will be digitized and a virtual monument will be installed.

    If we can achieve it now, we’ll realize our other goals of our social project. We have not yet launched the ICO.

    Monument installation is the first stage of the overall project implementation, which includes the creation of the Virtual Decentralised Blockchain Republic, the center of which will be the capital of Satoshi Nakamoto City.

    We conduct a social ICO to achieve the following goals: 1. Construction of monuments and opening of the embassies of the Republic all over the world. 2. Creation of Virtual Blockchain Republic – development of software for the management of the republic, – We are on stage “Customer Discovery” now, please send your suggestions if you want. You can get more information on our website about us. satoshirepublic {dot} org Your opinion is very important to us. Thanks!