Puzzle games Bitcoin are gaining in popularity

In many ways, Bitcoin is the puzzle ultimate. Many people have spent hours trying to find the creator of the largest crypto-currency in the world. The miners have also spent fortunes to try to solve the problems related to each block and claim the reward of 12.5 BTC. It seems logical, therefore, that a new wave of puzzle games develops. The winners may as well get bitcoins and other crypto-currencies.

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The mystery on the Bitcoin intensifies

The Bitcoin Enigma is a new game which follows the legend of Satoshi Nakamoto. This game has been designed in 2015, but it has attracted the attention of the community of crypto-currencies there are two weeks after that the game is very complex-based artwork has finally been resolved. It allowed the player to get 50 000 dollars in bitcoins. The Bitcoin Enigma, a set of 24 puzzles, allows you to earn 1 BTC. It is enough to entice a new wave of players who will attempt to unveil its mysteries.

Below is a video with this game :

Developed by Gem Rose Collective and launched on 20 February, the game lets players leave clues on the path or to slow down the other leading to a dead end. The most interesting aspect of Bitcoin Enigma is not its visuals, but its theory. Players must decide if they need to work together to solve the puzzle or make jumpers only.

Try to solve a puzzle

In terms of the theory of games, Bitcoin Enigma has some similarities with Neon District, developed by the same person who created the art of the puzzle The Legend of Satoshi Nakamoto. The developer was inspired by various game applications related to crypto-currencies.

Neon District is a game based on Ethereum. It is most known as a game of chance. However, beyond luck, it also requires the development of a good strategy.

Source : NewsBitcoin

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