Rebellious : the first “ICO free” the history of crypto-currencies

Rebellious (REBL), it means nothing to you ? It is one of the latest crypto-currencies have seen the light of day. This team, based in the netherlands, offers a amazing concept. Forget the ICO that allow you to get tokens (crypto-)currency, hard cash : the REBL have been parachuted gracefully on the addresses Ethereum investors who have agreed to do some ” homework “promotion.

We are at the end of the month of December 2017. A forum CryptoCompare appears constantly at the top of the list of groups to which a message has just been posted. This is not about Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple or Tron. It is a Rebellious, until then unknown to the battalion. Or almost, because he had begun to make its appearance as early as the beginning of the month. Intrigued, I finished by going to see what it is, even if the name does not inspire me.

REBL : the concept

This is the message I discovered on the official website : the market of cryptos has become highly speculative. REBL wants to grow, thanks to the power of its community, and not by the sole lure of profit. This is why, instead of selling its tokens, Rebellious the offer to anyone who requests it. But there is still one condition : you must perform a series of actions to promote to receive your reward.

It also must be active on the group, Rebellious from the site CryptoCompare, the follow-on Telegram, register on an exchange and vote for the addition of REBL, Tweeter… But, all in all, you end up with 4 000 REBL on your address Ethereum. Not bad (396 million outstanding, only 5% are kept by the team). And if you agree to translate the material, to program or to perform any other task necessary for the project, you get paid in REBL.

RebelliousSource : official site (

In terms of use, Rebellious ambition is to become a crypto-currency widely used platforms for e-commerce. This is why the team prepares payment modules for e-commerce solutions such as PrestaShop, Review or Shopify. Another notable feature of the token (currently the token-ERC-20, but that should migrate to its own chain of blocks in Q1 2019) : REBL retained via the wallet official can reach 10 % annual interest, paid every 10 days or 30 days.

The paradox of Rebellious

For participating in this ICO, I’ve highlighted some of the paradoxes that surround Rebellious. The creators of the token blame the hype around the ICO, but the conditions to take advantage of their distribution had the objective of generating a hyper-mediatisation caused by the community. At the end of December, the group Rebellious of CryptoCompare was on fire because of messages published by individuals wishing to obtain these REBL free. As I said in jest to people that I’ve spoken to the ICO : to be a true rebel, you must obey the finger and the eye !

Because under her airs of a virgin, scared, Rebellious has put in place a marketing machine effective at a lower cost. Even if, since the end of the airdrop, it must be confessed, that things are well cooled. If the token has traded up to 0.4 dollar, REBL is trading at about $ 0.17 per at the time of writing these lines. This corresponds to $ 680 for those who have spent a little less than an hour to fulfill the conditions to obtain them and who have released at this price.

The future of the Rebellious

The bet team Rebellious is both interesting and daring. Can we build a strong community by offering chips ? This is not guaranteed, because an investor who has paid from his pocket money to acquire tokens is likely to be more motivated to defend its cause than when it was obtained free of charge. “It doesn’t cost anything to try” : this state of mind could continue in the minds of many investors by a ” we’ll see “. In addition to this factor, it is also necessary to see if the team will be able to develop a performance product. To convince the merchants on the web to accept Rebellious as a means of payment.

That said, the project is still too young to draw definitive conclusions, particularly at the level of the price. Genius idea or future flop ? See you in a few months. I keep my little rebel warm in the meantime.