Renewable energy and Cryptomonnaie : The blasting cryptomonnaie achieved thanks to a device wind

The technology has not yet finished surprising us. A new promise arrives in the renewable energy sector, this mid-September 2017 : a wind turbine produces energy to undermine the cryptomonnaie. The latter will be used to fund research on the climate. How does it work ? Discover the answers in this article !

The mode of operation of the process

This project avant-garde is the result of the work of Julian Oliver, Harvest. By connecting a computer to a wind turbine, it has implemented a software blasting cryptomonnaie (here it is a matter of Zcash). As and to the extent that the wind could be strong, the process of blasting will be very effective to pay for the study on climate change. 3 organizations will receive funds collected at the end of the operation.

During the interview, the technician thinks that his prototype could become a system broadcast worldwide to undermine the cryptomonnaie.

And what is it the technical side ? What are the materials needed ?

In order to lead to good terms with this concept, Julian Oliver turned to a computer that’s super-powerful. In fact, the latter is provided with a processor i3, ram 4 GB and a SSD to 256 GB. The graphics card GeForce GTX 1080 Ti is of course essential to be able to make big work. The PC is also equipped with an enclosure, waterproof and waterresist as well as a verification device of the incoming power.

For what is the system wind, it has specifically opted for a turbine with 700W plus 2 battery 150Ah for storing the surplus production to allow optimal operation during off-peak hours.

To note that this device is vacant at the museum, Konstmuseet i Skövde in Sweden.

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