Ripple improves the stability and scalability of the technology XRP, thanks to a new update

The technology Ripple is constantly evolving. After the launch of a new protocol, another important step has been taken. This new version brings several improvements. It will be much more stable and scalable. All users are therefore encouraged to switch to this new version. Things seem to move in the right direction for Ripple currently.

It is always interesting to see the updates that were made in the technology Ripple. Moreover, the network itself is growing rapidly. Unlike other crypto-currencies, Ripple does things very differently. It mainly relies on an innovative solution. It is this technology that provides valuable services to users of the XRP. Thanks to this new update, Ripple will be able to develop even more.

Important updates to various levels

In the new update, we can notice various improvements. The reliability, scalability and security of the technology XRP are all extremely important. This new version brings some advantages.

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In addition, there is a security system to filter out the different operations performed. This new feature should be available in early November, but it is always advisable to update the server as soon as possible.

The importance of this upgrade

There are some disadvantages of not updating its server. The transaction processing may be compromised without having to upgrade. In addition, users will not be able to take advantage of future features. Therefore, it is essential to always update their system.

This new update will also be deployed on all servers in Ripple. The operation only takes a maximum of 4 hours. During this operation, the network Ripple will continue to function normally. It also shows the speed and fluidity of the network Ripple. A true evolution for the Ripple that is becoming more and more the favor of the users.


Source : LiveBitcoinNews