Ripple made a gift of $ 29 million in favor of the new american generation

The company Ripple has just made a gift of $ 29 million to support the development of academic institutions in the United States. A surprising decision but thoughtful on the part of the company’s capitalization against the third largest crypto-currency in the world.

A large donation

The company Ripple has just published an article on his blog, stating why and how of this gift of almost $ 30 million. In fact, the leaders of this great society have wished to bring their support to the younger generations : “Each “Rippler”, the direction to our new employees, began his career at one and the same place : the classroom. It is in this context crucial that children’s dreams are born and legends are built. “

Pixabay – Makes Someone’s Day / The Ripple is the third largest crypto-currency in the world.

It is very logically in the form of XRP that the donation was made. We remind you that this digital asset has the intention to revolutionise the cross-border payments. The donation was made through the organization that allows you to give money to public schools.

A decision extensively reflected

Ripple wished to make a gesture is very symbolic to provide vital aid in the United States. Here is particularly what we could read : “Our donation has allowed yesterday to meet all the requests found on the website of the association. Nearly 30 000 teachers in the public sector, from all States, and approximately one million students will be provided books, school supplies, technological equipment, the possibility of conducting educational outings, as well as other resources that are essential to learning through “

Pixabay – Toffanello G. / Ripple has decided to make a gift of $ 29 million to support the new generations.

It is a nice way to get the buzz in a complex context for the XRP that is going through a period quite dark, like most crypto-currencies. Jeb McCaleb, the founder of Ripple, didn’t hide his concern a few weeks ago, but he continued to speak of the amazing potential of XRP : “Ripple-account conquer a market controlled by traditional financial institutions, which are deeply rooted in a world controlled by the governments and the supranational institutions […] why is it that it has to do with Ripple ? What you need to understand is that it would be relatively simple for governments to put an end to the XRP. “

And investors seem to remain confident for the moment. This gift result in favor of the new-generation reinforced their investment. The challenges for the Ripple are still numerous, but the strategy is clear and neat. One can only applaud, waiting to discover what will be the real impact of this gift.

Source : CNBC