Robinhood, an application for purchase of the crypto-currency without a fee

Robinhood is a trading application widely used by young Americans. However, the company has just announced that she was going to now turn to the crypto-currency. The effect buzz of the announcement has been incredible since the platform has registered one million pre-registrations in just four days.

The problem of platforms of purchase

Let us not hide, it is without a doubt the biggest problem for investors : the complexity of the platforms. They are often complicated to take in hand. In addition it is difficult to choose the right platform for a novice. This is Coinbase for the time being that is a reference in the matter, its simplicity is universally recognized. But a very serious competitor has arrived on the market, and it has an argument of size, since he promises that the costs for the purchase of bitcoins will be void. We are talking here about Robinhood, already famous for its easy access and its costs reduced.

That is Robinhood ?

Robinhood, understand, Robin hood, is a start-up founded in 2013 which has launched a trading application. The success was immediate, because it is possible to buy shares without paying commissions, which is rare ! The application makes money by collecting interest on the deposited funds but not yet invested.


In addition, there is a subscription $ 6 per month, enabling you to place orders outside of market hours. It is a young audience, the average age of the users who are 26 years of age. Gold, 29 January, the leaders of Robinhood announced a very good news, since the application launches in the crypto-currency.

Why turn to the crypto-currency ?

The answer is simple and almost obvious ! In effect, the new generations prefer crypto-currencies of the shares. Robinhood doesn’t want to miss this opportunity and decided to ride the trend of digital currency. One will thus find a very fast virtual currencies the most popular, like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin, Monero, etc

Pixabay – Master Tux

It will take time for the application to be available in all of the United States, and for that she arrived in France. It is indeed necessary to know that the platform Coinbase has set two years before being authorized in france… But still is it that Robinhood will soon become a very serious competitor in the world of crypto-currency.

This is good news, at least for the young Americans. For now, Robinhood is not available to us, but we hope that the application will be soon authorized in France.

Source : News BTC